Wednesday, March 11, 2009

There's a thin line between curiousity and stupidity.

I was browsing this fucking homo's myspace "group," when I came across a few profiles of some young boys. Their age either said thirteen, nineteen or like one-hundred-eighty-four. Whether or not these are real children, there are still photos of young boys, half naked, on myspace. I know we can't stop all child pornography or variations of it from being on the web, but myspace could do a hell of a lot more of a better job and PROTECTING these kids. This "group" is actually a profile that a thirty-nine year old man created as a support group for gay youths. Sure, maybe this man's intentions were good, but it has spiraled out of control and now there are numerous boys posting shit like "You're such a hot daddy, call me" and then put their fucking phone number in a comment for the whole world to see. Most of the younger profiles I found are usually private, thank God, but the default photos are still of half naked boys. It just sickens me. These kids can be curious about their sexuality, I know I was, but there is absolutely NO reason that they have to be fucking stupid and post stuff like that on there. Their parents obviously haven't taught them the dangers of online sexual predators, and their parents must not give enough of a shit to monitor their online activity. It's just sad. This world is a fucked up place.

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